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I waffled a whole week after Leviosa before posting this because I wanted to make my post as good as the con was for me.  Of course, that led to me feeling like I couldn't do it proper justice, which means I was in danger of not posting at all.  Seems like that's what's happened to me posting here: I want it to be thorough, engaging, and clever, and I don't feel like I can do it right now, maybe later, and so I end up saying nothing.

So I'll just do the thing now and it'll be fine.

Fine, I say... )
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I think I'll just skip over the part where I haven't posted on LJ on over a year.


Just wanted to let you know that I'm headed to Leviosa in Vegas in 10-ish days, so keep an eye out for me and I'll look for you, too.  I'm going to be on the H/D panel with a bunch of wonderful folks, and I'll be hanging around the halls and such.  Hope to catch you, too!.
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[ profile] pir8fancier, this post is for you!  Since you asked so nicely.

Pir8 is doing all of the memes in the series, but I suspect I'll begin and end with this one because it took me hours!  I got a bit carried away.  I have a YouTube link for all 30 songs, so please try a few just so I feel like I accomplished a little bit, okay?   And I bet it'll take me multiple times fussing with it to get it to post properly, so here goes:

Six wonderfully random songs )

Six World Songs )

Six semi-recent popular songs )

Six J-rock songs )

Six superb jazz songs )
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Background for those of you who know me from non-Harry Potter fandoms:

[ profile] hp_reunion is happening for the first couple weeks of November to encourage those of us who've fallen out of HP fandom to reconnect.  There are posts to say hello, to discuss the books, to reminisce about lost friends, to squee over great memories, and so on.  It began on Saturday.  Come say hello if you haven't already!  It's great to see so many familiar names.  Here's my roll call post.

Am I surprised that I missed posting with the other returnees until tonight?  Nope, it's kinda my new normal.

This post also links back to my very first LJ post made in August of 2003.  HP was my first online fandom, so my first LJ post was all about my new love, squee, squee!  I'd been given an LJ code by [ profile] isiscolo.  She found me through my very first HP fanfic (a gen Snape thing), and being the encouraging, nurturing person she is, she gently brought me towards the light.  Thank you, my dear!  She also was one of the best fic betas ever for nearly all of my stories after that, even though the H/D pairing was definitely not her favorite (or second-favorite, or probably ninth, either).  Now that's going above and beyond!

My First LJ Post  I say hello and link to my first story.  An auspicious beginning, right?
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How fail am I?  Here I am on the last possible day of Rectober, aiming to write post #2.  Still, it's a good one.

I love a story that has a strong sense of a character's voice.  And this story came up in a discussion amongst some of us writer-fans this summer as a landmark example of a superb use of voice in a story.  It's written by Resonant, whose Transfigurations had a huge impact on me when I first found the HP fandom.  This, however, is from the little-written-in fandom of Breakfast Club (the movie, not the manga).  Many of you have seen it.  If not, the simple plot is about five high-school students bonding during a Saturday detention.  The 5 characters are tropes, pure and simple: the princess, the weirdo, the jock, the brain, and the delinquent.  This fanfic brings together the last two and that's really all you need to get started.  Please enjoy!

Higher Education by Resonant


John William Bender attended Shermer High School for the last time on Monday, October 12, which was two days after his sixteenth birthday.
He made it all the way to fifth period, when Mr. Bradley, the English teacher, sent him to see Assistant Principal Vernon for the second time that day and Assistant Principal Vernon gave him a detailed assessment of his flaws and shortcomings, at which point he made Assistant Principal Vernon some detailed and anatomically improbable recreational suggestions, kicked in the glass in the trophy case, and leapt down the front steps, a free man.


Oct. 10th, 2014 11:29 pm
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Rectober #1 (which presumes I'll cough up at least a #2) - Rectober aims to celebrate reccing, reading, enjoying, commenting, sharing and discussion about fic, art and other fanworks during the month of October.

banner by [ profile] capitu

Ragnarr and the Trow Wife, by Avierra (23,000 words)

What should come here are its fandom and pairing, but I'm going to step out of the mold and not make a point of them. What this story does is take its two characters so far out of their setting and into AU that you don't need to know anything at all about the fandom or the characters. In fact, even if you know the fandom well, you might never realize this story belongs there. In short, everyone can read and enjoy it fully. It really is brilliant. I will mention that it's m/m and rated mature.

The story unfolds as a well-crafted fairy tale set in an undisclosed Nordic village. Ragnarr sets off to track down a Trow Wife and compel her to lift her curse on his brother's land, and a clever battle of wills follows. The writing is rich, vivid, and well-researched, and the characters are multi-dimensional and engaging. I've reread it 6 or 7 times already, and I just found it a couple of months ago. It just hits every one of my buttons, that's all I can say. I hope I can get you to read it, too.

[Okay, the fandom is Saiyuki; the pairing Gojyo/Hakkai; trust me, you won't even know.]

Excerpt )
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I've been very weak about keeping up with HP fandom, although it's still very much active.  Some of you on my flist are doing a stellar job at upholding the faith, but others of you have moved in different directions, perhaps even offline.

Because of my own HP inactivity and nostalgia, though, I'm looking forward to this online reunion, which is happening between Nov. 1-16.  Check out the comm for more info: [ profile] hp_reunion

And if that's not exciting enough, there are plans afoot for a small-scale live con in 2016 in Las Vegas: Leviosa.  And I plan to be there!
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How did 11 months go by without me posting? Like this: whooooosh!

So hi, everyone who still might be here. I never imagined myself turning into an LJ lurker, but apparently I have. I still click on my flist all the time, but I've just felt, I dunno, thinking that my fannish interests and little life stories would just be dull reading. But so many of you have popped up on LJ recently that I feel inspired! However, I'll break it down into separate posts so you're not overwhelmed by TMI.

My fannish life )

Star Trek

Oct. 3rd, 2013 10:38 pm
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Maybe I never mentioned that my first fandom was Star Trek. So I thought this was pretty cool - it's a photoshop combination of the original and reboot characters.

Old and New

Beware, though - I started in perusing the site, and the next thing I knew it was 2 hours later. As bad as TV Tropes.

In other news, I made some new icons because I am a great big nerd.
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I have fallen for a new fandom.  It's been the bright spot of this awful week, to be honest.  Before I drop its specific name, I want to talk about the more universal facets that I think everyone still reading my LJ can relate to: both how and why we fall for a story and its characters, be it written or visual.

For me it's just like falling in love.  It's whiplash fast and intense.  I inhale the original source, I use my google-fu to seek out more, I gobble up any scrap of information about the author, the characters, and the apocrypha.  And then I fall head-first into reading the fanfic.  In short order, I find myself an addict.

About fandoms )

The name of this mysterious fandom... )

And for the handful of you who are already fans, here's my list of 28 major unanswered plot points that are wide open for fic (includes major, major spoilers, so beware):

28 plot points )
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Our fake sump pump (aka R2D2, our new wet-dry vac) is keeping up with the water so far, and we both slept through the night last night.  Today we even had sunshine for most of the day, but another storm cell just moved through and dumped another 1/2 inch on us.  We went out digging trenches around our property just for something to do.

But the most amazing thing so far is:

Our son joined FEMACorps in August, which is a US government agency-volunteer situation (think Peace Corps but for disasters).  He went off to train in Maryland and was supposed to work in the Atlantic northwest (West Virginia to Maine, diagonally speaking).  He just got finished with additional training in Alabama, was on the road to Kansas City, and just got the word...he and his crew are on their way back home to Denver to deal with the flood.  Not only that, they're to be headquartered in my very own building (when I'm working).  Now how's that for serendipity?

Looking forward to seeing him again!
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You have 10 minutes to complete this test.  Show your work.

Problem #1.  Geoviki's house was bombarded by hail and rain at 3 pm on Monday.  Geoviki's basement began to flood at 6 pm on Tuesday.  How many hours did it take for all the water falling from the sky to percolate down to her foundation?  [answer: 27 hours]

Problem #2.  Geoviki's wet-dry vacuum holds 8 gallons of water before it needs to be manually shut off and emptied.  If Geoviki has to empty her wet-dry vac 3 times an hour, how much water is seeping into her basement per hour?  [answer: 24 gallons]

Problem #3.  If it has been flooding since 6 pm on Tuesday and it is now 6 pm on Thursday, how many times has Geoviki or Mr Geoviki has to empty that fucking wet-dry vac?  [answer: we've lost track.  Dozens and dozens.]

Problem #4.  Geoviki has narrowed down one major point of water entry to a 12" gap in the storage room foundation.  If Geoviki puts the shop vac nozzle there, she can fill the wet-dry vac in 4 minutes flat.  How much water can Geoviki extract this way?  [answer: 120 gallons per hour.  However, it takes 180 seconds to detach the hose, snap off the top, roll the tank to the sink, scoop out the water, then reassemble, so her mileage may vary.]

Problem #5.  At 120 gallons per hour, how long before Geoviki can suck dry the entire city of Lakewood through a 12-inch crack in her foundation?  [answer: the experiment continues]

Problem #6. By rapidly repeating the 4-minute method described above, we can dry up enough of the hidden water supply to extend the time before the wet-dry vac must be manually shut off.  How much time can Mr. Geoviki sequentially sleep before he must wake up and empty the POS wet-dry vac?  [answer: 90 minutes if he's lucky.]

Problem #7:  If it has been heavily raining almost the entire flood time, how big is the underground reservoir of flood water that Geoviki must suck up?  [answer: a whole fucking ocean full]

Problem #8.  Mr Geoviki went to the store today and bought a new wet-dry vac to which he can attach a garden hose.  This means he can run the hose directly down the floor drain and never have to empty the tank.  It can be left to drain the crack all day and all night.  He paid $105. for this item.  Did he get a good deal?  [answer: OMG, Yes!  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!]

Problem #9.  The relative humidity outside is 100%.  The relative humidity in Geoviki's basement is 100%.  Hw many minutes does it take before Geoviki is dripping sweat while sucking up water?  [answer: about 2]

Problem #10.  The rain is forecast to continue until Saturday.  How many more drinks will Geoviki need to get through this?  [answer:  at least one more, and right now.]
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This is not snow, but hail.  There was wind swirling, and lighting blasting very close by.  I'm waiting for locusts next.  We have no garden left - no tomatoes, no flowers, pretty near no leaves.

Looking out my back door:

backyard hail

And from the front door:
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Although this post is entitled "On Work/Not Work", Imma start with a side topic: On Swamp Coolers )
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My 10-year LJversary is coming up this Friday.  Ten years!  I have [ profile] isiscolo to thank for my initial invite (back when one needed an invite to actually join).  Remember how you had to ask me twice, Isis,  after I turned you down the first time?  Sheesh!

Little did I know how much my life would change just by joining LJ and getting involved in Harry Potter fandom.  I thought that getting back in touch with my creative side by writing stories would be the main result.  Instead, the unexpected outcome was that I ended up making a ton of new and wonderful friends from all over the world.  I want to let you know how much this means to me.  I've been lucky enough to have met many of you, I've visited you in your homes or you've come to see me here in Denver.  I wouldn't trade the past 10 years for anything.  In fact, I still get together annually somewhere in the US with a group of women I met right here (and then met live at cons).  A couple of weeks ago we met up in Santa Cruz for a long weekend of fun and conversation, and I hope we continue until we're old and gray.  Or, well, older and grayer.

Even though I haven't written fanfic in a while, I still come here to read posts all the time.  Most of you have moved on to new fandoms or even no fandoms, and you don't show up here.  I understand.  Sometimes I've followed you into your new interests – manga, anyone?  I struggle to keep up with TV fandoms, though, since I don't have the patience to watch TV these days, but I still get a charge out of your enthusiasm for new things.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know how much your friendship, encouragement, and love have changed me for the better.  *tosses confetti*
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This time I've got a decent excuse as to why I never have time to post: My daughter got married last week. So far this year we've now had 2 funerals (my mom and my mother-in-law), one graduation (my son), and a wedding. We had a boatload of visiting family as well, the last just left yesterday. It was a great wedding, with a fun theme of games (hence the dice for earrings and the pinwheel bouquets made by the bride). We like her new husband, too, which is always good.

Here's the happy couple...

lj 2013 07 wedding k & g closeup 2

And, left to right, my son, my sister, my daughter, and me
(being cheerily photobombed by some bridesmaids)...

lj 2013 07 wedding rehearsal eric ruth kirsten viki (ruth)
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I can't stop listening to this song, wheeee! Gorgeous. My first Thai pop tune.

In other news, you can now say you know someone who's lost her job because of the US sequestration clusterfuck - me.
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For my non-American friends, there was a big lottery drawing here a few days ago, called Powerball, with a top prize of 587 million dollars. (Sheee-it!) The last time the prize grew so large, Mr. Geoviki bought us one ticket for the drawing. Only one, of course, because the difference in the odds goes up the most between 0 tickets and 1, and not so much after that. We've had too much math between us, clearly.

And then we spent the time until the drawing hoping we wouldn't win. We just decided that the negatives outweighed the positives: it would ruin our kids' motivation, it would draw all kinds of remote relatives into our lives asking for a handout, we couldn't decide what we'd do with the money anyway...

This time, we deliberately didn't buy any tickets. I think that says a lot about how satisfied we are with our financial life right now. Not that we're rolling in it, or anything, but that we're happy with what we have.

Powerball Prize: $587,000,000.
Ticket cost: $1.
Contentment with our current lot in life: priceless
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Thanks to all my FList buddies for the help I needed to post A Thousand Beautiful Things over on AO3. Yay, it can go onto e-readers now! Because of the length, I did have to break the story into two parts (I merged the original 9 chapters into 2). The stuff I have up so far is all here:

Geoviki's stories

Even with your help, I still ended up doing a couple of hours of HTML code wrangling just to get those stupid lyrics right. Who'da'thunk? And I haven't got the sequel, Delicate Sound of Thunder, done yet, so that'll have to wait until December when I have time again. Still, it was a breakthrough after all this time and I can cross that off my chore list.

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I must post more.
I must post more.
I must post more.
I must post more.

What does it say that I spent more time picking out the effing icon than deciding on content (Japanese pORn stars FTW)? What happens, see, is that it's been so long between posts that I have become overwhelmed by the sheer content of what I should have posted all along; therefore, I can't even wrap my mind around what I should say at the moment.

Or whom I'm even saying it to.

I know: I'll ask a question, one that someone may even be able to help me with.

I want to post "A Thousand Beautiful Things" to the Archive of Our Own. And so I need a program that will convert a Word file to HTML. A program that isn't Word, of course, which fills the whole friggin' thing with incomprehensible and useless code. I want clean, streamlined code. My file has some italics, yeah, but what's it really has is those bloody lyrics that needs blockquotes, but without extra lines and crap.

This program should be freeware or online.

Also I may be travelling to Geneva, Switzerland, very soon. Any tips?
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