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I just posted four songs on [ profile] audiography, one of which is a gorgeous jazz ballad by Les McCann, With These Hands. Songs available to upload for one week.

My next topic was going to be "Why Frozen Strawberry Daquiris are the Adult Equivalent of the Slurpee, and Why I Need to Find a New Drink To Order In Bars", but I think I covered the whole discussion in the topic sentence. Which means it's time for a poll.

I don't do enough polls. For "not enough" read "more than the lone one I did about a year ago". This one feeds my little worried obsession about whether or not I'm normal. You know the feeling? Am I doing it as often as everyone else or am I abnormal? I'm talking about reading Works In Progress; why, what do you think I was talking about?

I glance through a few of the Harry/Draco comms on occasion, because I can sometimes help with recs or fic searches, but I find I cruise right on by all the WsIPs there, because I rarely commit to an unfinished story. I have a few that I keep up with, but it has to be compelling to tip me over the edge to read them in the volume I used to as a newbie. And it's not only the fear of being left hanging, although that is a concern. Sometimes I want to wait and indulge in one fell swoop - I think it helps my enjoyment of the fic. Well, plus I have a spotty memory these days from being a young adult during the '70's and a menopausal mother now.

What about you? You can even tell me which WsIP you follow in the comments if you like.

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