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[ profile] pir8fancier, this post is for you!  Since you asked so nicely.

Pir8 is doing all of the memes in the series, but I suspect I'll begin and end with this one because it took me hours!  I got a bit carried away.  I have a YouTube link for all 30 songs, so please try a few just so I feel like I accomplished a little bit, okay?   And I bet it'll take me multiple times fussing with it to get it to post properly, so here goes:

Six wonderfully random songs )

Six World Songs )

Six semi-recent popular songs )

Six J-rock songs )

Six superb jazz songs )

In Concert

Nov. 26th, 2006 03:53 pm
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[ profile] parthenia14 and [ profile] jonem had an excellent evening at the Scissor Sisters concert on Friday night. Instead of feeling horribly jealous - yet happy for them - I decided to reminisce and share some of my memorable concert highlights with you.

Concerts and songs to listen to )
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God, am I cranky tonight. I feel like Ozzy Osbourne - hide all the bats, I wanna bite something's head off. So to distract my irritable self, I'm doing the LJ name/music thing. Links good for a week.

GEOVIKI, in case you forgot who I am. As if I'd let you. )

Plus: bonus, once-in-a-lifetime offer: I also just posted 4 guitar solos on audiography.

ETA: Why waste a good bad mood? I think I shall rant.

Face facts. The Roman Empire faded from view quite a while ago. There's no need to use Roman numerals to enumerate your chapters. Who wants to do fake math to count where the hell we are in a story? Not me! It makes you, the author, look either Edwardian or pretentious. Or both. And I have nothing but disdain for that Chapter 3 Part 5 stuff either. Can we count together? Yes, we can! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... Got it?

Ooh, that was cathartic.
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Can music be considered a fandom? It's what I've been playing around with lately.

All the cool kids are doing it, so you know it's the death knell when I start up. I concocted a playlist to go with my last story, Practising the Same Religion.

It's big, 'k? 60 mB. Took me 30-ish minutes to upload. 11 songs in all, zipped. I set them up on a permanent site, so right click and save, all right?

PSR songs - zipped

The songs, the scenes, the connection... )
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For you jazz buffs, I just uploaded seven versions of 'Round Midnight. I gotcher Thelonious Monk, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Joe Pass, and Chick Corea, right here. I discovered I had more versions of that song than any other.
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So why was I so ignorant of Live8 before today? I blame all of you. For woe! Instead of attempting to watch TV (and I don't have cable and barely get the free stations), I was throwing my poor body against the beast that is our suburban yard. I fought the lawn and the lawn won.


David Gilmour and Roger Waters together again? If that's possible in my lifetime, then I can rejoice in the belief that Harry and Draco getting it on in the Great Hall is not so farfetched as all that.

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd - live (link to download MP3 will be active for 1 week)


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