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FYI: I uploaded some Afro-Celtic and African songs this week at [ profile] audiography Right Here

On another note (F#), I'm convinced that platitudes are the answer to many of the recent LJ wanques du jour. So, here:

1. Never do card tricks for the group you play poker with.
2. There's a reason that piling on has a penalty of 15 yards.
3. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

I read all 46 H/D fics at The Eros Affair. What an impressive archive. It's one of those collections where I can say there wasn't a single bad one in the bunch. I will admit that based on my personal weird kinks tastes, some appeal to me highly. My two personal favorites:

Once Spoken by [ profile] rurounihime

Hurt/comfort? In spades. He let himself be pulled from the cell, watching Harry's hands clenching until even his forearms were white, praying he would not move. Because there was one thing that was worse than seeing Harry return from the torture: watching them torture him right before Draco's eyes. Highly emotional and so is the resolution. What made it hard for us writers is that this was the first one posted, a couple of months ago, so the bar was set very high from the start. Well done, Ru!

Have You Near to Breathe a Sigh by [ profile] miggy

Draco's on the run and Harry's concerned. Uses HPB canon in a perfect blend of new fact/new fanon. And the dialogue is utterly believable.

For one brief moment, Harry considers not telling them the truth. Katie, Ron... they could have died. They nearly did.

(For enemies.)

It's not because Malfoy had a similar brush with death. He feels sick over what happened when he ripped apart a living body with an untested spell, but not guilty. If Harry has guilt to carry around, there are plenty of other people to dole it out to before he'd put on the sackcloth and ashes for the sake of Draco Malfoy.

And my other favorites are by Aja, Amanuensis, Ashkitty, Azalais Malfoy, EmmaGrant, Marks, Mirabella, Naadi, Shikishi, and Zionsstarfish. But like I said, they're all worth reading.

Many of us wrote parts of the final scenario: I promise to marry you. This was mine (warning for fluff):

They were supposed to be 2 or 3 lines...I scoff at limits! )


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