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With the erratic nature of our archives - Skyehawke's problems and Arithmancy's before that - I decided I'd better archive my stuff in two places just to beat the odds. So I spent the morning tarting up my web site and posting all my fics there:

Geoviki's web page

I still need to address the squished image on the home page, but as a bonus, you can access all the art and images made for my fics.

I don't have a program to autogenerate web pages; instead, I directly code most of it with tags the hard way. This is akin to hand-whittling a Buick and expecting to drive it to Texas.

Speaking of archives (God, what an elegant segue!), I've now posted that crack!fic parody at 1) Pornish Pixies, which is the forum I had in mind when I wrote it 2) my LJ 3) Skyehawke, and 4) Fiction Alley (FA). (What a pimp I've turned out to be).

When I first emerged from obscurity, FA was my archive of choice, mostly because it was the only one I was really aware of. I posted my first 3 fics there. Then my subsequent fics superceded their ratings (bodily fluids involved, you see), and I hadn't posted there in yonks. So I thought, why not? I thought there might be a 50/50 chance they wouldn't accept it - the parody does include some pretty...odd..things. But they did. Still, now that I'm getting comments, I'm noticing quite a different audience than two years ago. The fic's rated R there (who the hell knows what to rate this stuff, you know what I'm saying?). But a large proportion of feedback seems to be from underage readers; or at least, some squeeful, smiley-prolific members. And I've seen several reviews that find the fic "confusing", which stuns me. I mean, it's crackfic. Either you get the joke or you don't. A few try to praise the characterization (which is obviously OOC in spades), and one suggested I try to write it "straight". So, ah, who out there in LJ-land wants to beta my next Veela!rentboy!crossdressing!vampire!Draco fic, hmmmm?

So what are your experiences with various archives?

Okay, put me in the column of "dreading HBP", for awkward reasons. Some of my RL friends know I like HP, but they don't know details why. So they mention the upcoming book to me, and the conversation grinds to a sand-in-the-gears stop when I inwardly want to enthuse about my writing, but can't, for the obvious reasons. Do I go to the midnight party at the bookstore? Who knows.

I've decided to upload my "current music" to, where the link will be active for a week. This entry's song was something I heard one single time when it first came out in the 70's and not again until about 2 weeks ago. I think it would make a great fic! What a funny plot. ("We were barely seventeen, and we were barely dressed")

Paradise by the Dashboard Light - het warning - first-time, commitment-phobia, baseball/sex metaphors, crack!song


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