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I waffled a whole week after Leviosa before posting this because I wanted to make my post as good as the con was for me.  Of course, that led to me feeling like I couldn't do it proper justice, which means I was in danger of not posting at all.  Seems like that's what's happened to me posting here: I want it to be thorough, engaging, and clever, and I don't feel like I can do it right now, maybe later, and so I end up saying nothing.

So I'll just do the thing now and it'll be fine.

Fine, I say.

I was in exactly the right frame of mind to go to Leviosa with my dearest [ profile] cordelia_v and [ profile] pir8fancier It had been (OMG, just checked dates) 4 years since Ascendio in Orlando, and I spent a whole lot more time there hanging with friends at the parks and very little time at the con.  This time around, though, I was feeling very nostalgic and craving the people I used to see yearly.  And I wasn't disappointed at all.   It was such a joy to wander through the ornate halls and run into so many of you who go waaay back to The Witching Hour and those of you who came later.  Words can't describe that feeling of seeing you all: [ profile] novembersnow , [ profile] dementordelta , [ profile] furiosity , [ profile] femmequixotic , [ profile] sassy_cissa , [ profile] alisanne , [ profile] gatewaygirl , [ profile] rurounihime , [ profile] dysonrules , [ profile] snottygrrl , [ profile] emmagrant01 , [ profile] noeon , [ profile] oldenuf2nb , [ profile] romaine24 , [ profile] sesheta_66 , [ profile] bookshop , [ profile] red_rahl and [ profile] heidi8, I was especially excited to meet a writer who's been in fandom longer than me, even, who I never thought I'd meet at a con: [ profile] florahart.  I know I'm missing names, and I apologize for that.  I also got to meet some new (to me) writers/artists/reccers, like [ profile] dicta_contrion , [ profile] gracerene , [ profile] vaysh , [ profile] oceaxe, [ profile] khalulu , [ profile] piratesmile331 , and [ profile] lilyseyes to name only some of them.  So cool!

And yet, I kept scanning the halls for those faces I used to see at cons, too.  Let me just say that if you've been there in the past, you were thought of fondly and spoken of frequently in many warm conversations.

The panels were great, I wish we'd had a couple of weeks together to fit it all in.  I was part of the H/D panel with femme, oldenuf2nb, sassy_cissa, pir8fancier, grace rene, and dicta, and I'm so glad femme asked me to be on it.  Between the 2 hours we spent with the audience and the hour plus we'd spent the night before preparing for it, I felt like the fandom is thriving and more importantly, is in great hands.  And I'm even gonna participate in tumblr after dicta and grace presented such a compelling case for doing it.

And I danced my ass off at the ball, as usual.

I really regret having to leave on Sunday morning.  Damn Frontier Airlines, is all I can say, now that they make it prohibitively expensive to change anything.  I was burning off points with them, and I'm done.

When I got back to Denver, it was hotter here (101) than it was in Vegas.  I miss you all greatly and I'm reading more HP fanfic now than I have in several years.  And I'm off to comment on it now.

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