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Listen to the above song with me: Personal Jesus (acoustic)

I've been quiet. Did you notice?

Mostly I've been either getting ready to go, gone, or recovering from being gone to Santa Fe. I trot off to a yearly workshop in water issues (or, more accurately, lack-of-water issues) in the Espanola Valley. Being there always reminds me of reading [ profile] ajhalluk's The Kindly Ones, because two years ago, I held a sneak preview of that wonderful story in my hot little hands on the drive down. And reread it frequently throughout the week. Then there is the remodeling of our family room, which always takes way more time than planned.

So what do I have to tell you after more than two weeks of silence?

1) You can pass off any meal as haute cuisine if it's got a bay leaf in it. Okay, so this list isn't in order of importance.

2) [ profile] yeats has written a lovely H/D fic: Late Edition. She wrote my wonderful [ profile] merry_smutmas fic, and I'm in love with her style.

3) I have no fewer than four stories percolating in my brain, but I need to make myself stop faffing around on LJ and write the buggers. But then, you all are being silent, too. Who will even bother with the non-H/D ones?

I'm keeping my hand in, though, at [ profile] hpshortfics:

Wild Oats - Snape and cereal was the prompt. I do the unthinkable for me.

My Favorite Things White dress shirt and a Weasley.

Untitled. Snape/Draco and corsetry. There are two parts to this one; mine starts after Goseaward's.

HP-Narnia Crossover . Snow - Draco.

4) The Brazilian singer, Maria Bethania, looks so much like Snape as to be his twin sister. But can he sing like this: Maria Bethania - Ambar?


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