Aug. 1st, 2006 01:50 pm
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The Obligatory post-Lumos post:

I was not involved in the hot tub orgy, if you want the short post. Otherwise, click! )

Feel free to post pictures of me with my username if you like. My own camera uses film, so it'll be a bit for me to develop and scan them in, by which time you'll all be bored with Lumos talk.
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Blah blah hot blah blah quick post before I melt blah blah...

Music! Here's another Tiga - Jake Shears tune: You Gonna Want Me [ profile] parthenia14 is whinging that Jake's too thin and too naked in his photos. My view is: how is that possible? As a former stripper, he probably feels like he's wearing a full-length duster.

So. Lumos. Yeah!

I want to dispell any qualms you may have about coming up and introducing yourself in Vegas. I get the feeling a few of you think I'm liek scary or something. Not true!

You can find me at the Irish Pub a lot, it seems. I plan to be at the H/D meetup at noon and 10 on Thursday and the Snarry one at 7:30. And another H/D on Friday from 4-6ish at the pool.

I'm a fill-in panelist at the Snape/Draco panel on Saturday morning 9:00 - 10:15 with Femmequixotic and Goseaward and Titti.

And I'm filling in on another panel on Saturday at 2:30 with EmmaGrant01, Furiosity, Sioniann, and I don't know who else. We're talking about crack!fic.

In case you think I'm highfallutin': here's the song I'm listening to right now. The Commodores - Brick House. So cringeworthily not PC, but I defy you not to dance when you listen to it.


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