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Today is [ profile] isiscolo's mmmphhh birthday. My dear Isis and I have so many differences: she loves Harry/Snape and I love Harry/Draco; she loves to run and has competed in marathons and I'll only run if someone's after me with a knife; her water flows to the Pacific and mine to the Atlantic; she's gorgeous, clever, bubbly, and witty, and I'm ...well, you get the drift.

And yet she adopted me, mentored me, edited my stories, and encouraged me in HP fandom. She got me my LiveJournal code and brought me into SkyeHawke. My whole experience wouldn't be the same without her guiding me, poking me, and challenging me. Now we know that this newfangled SGA fandom is sinking its claws into her...but I think we can hang on to her here, too. Help me, 'k? Because we're rooming together at The Witching Hour (at the Salem Waterfront), so we can get her all het up again. She's too good a writer to lose.

Have you seen the enormous variety in her stories? Drabbles, longer chaptered fics, funny, dramatic, sad, intriguing... And the pairings touch nearly every HP character. Go! Go read!

Some of my favorites are:

In Want of a Wife - SS/?? - Snape hires a courtesan to masquerade as his wife at a family gathering.

Shelter from the Storm - SS/DM - Draco thought Snape had died in the battle in which Voldemort won -- until he encounters him, one stormy night.

Letters With Lockhart - SS/GL - Correspondence between the Potions master and the internationally famous yet naturally blond author, during the summer before Chamber of Secrets.

Beautiful Things - Narcissa/Fleur - Circumstances force Narcissa to sell her jewellery.

The First Piece of Silver and the sequel Before the Cock Crow - Peter Pettigrew/Evan Rosier - Before betrayal comes temptation; Peter feels lonely and depressed at James and Lily's wedding. Peter meets Regulus Black at a party, Voldemort courts Dark creatures, and wheels are set in motion. Peter thinks he's doing the right thing. He's wrong.

Hope your day was great, Isis!


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