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I never got around to posting that I am going to be at Ascendio this year. Look for me, okay? If you've never met me in the flesh, I'm probably one of the few (if not the only) woman in her 50's sporting orthodontic braces. It's a dead give-away.

I'm registered for Saturday but will be hanging around from Wed-Mon at the Portofino. See you there?
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God, I love YouTube for cheering me up!

It's a series! Check out "I have a bad case of diarrhea"!
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So, geoviki, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 2% unique (blame, for example, your interest in hikaru/yuki), 22% peculiar, 36% interesting, 29% normal and 10% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy yaoi). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 31

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 69% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

", like everyone else, enjoy yaoi"??!!!

Bwahahaha! I knew it!
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As always, my LJ friends are full of warm words and support, so thanks, guys, for that. You're the best!

Good news: I got to go back to work on Friday! Who would have imagined that I'd be typing those words a short 2 years after I retired? Still, I definitely have discovered that I should have been doing this kind of work all along - my brain is somehow perfect for organizing major corporate cleanouts and moves. When I proposed coming back to my old workplace and spending 10 hours a week cleaning out these rats-nests of abandoned stuff, I thought I could work at leasure. Then, 3 months ago, a decree came down from on high that the financial support for our rent to GSA would suffer a major cut; therefore we'd need to shrink our space by thousands of square feet by August. I estimate that about 40% of our staff will ahve to move offices by that date - roughly 80 people. The amount of stuff that's being discarded, moved, recycled, or abandoned in the hallways in the dark of night is astonishing, really. And it's giving me a great opportunity to flex my organizing skilz. Here's a sampling of what I'm dealing with - my job is to get rid of everything, leaving nothing but the carpet and walls. And sometimes not even the walls!

A small part of room #1

Part of room #2

Room #3. Behind the cabinet is a heap of rock samples thrown on the floor as well. I mean, who actually leaves rooms looking like this?


Apr. 17th, 2012 09:00 pm
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I've got myself into this circular non-posting frame of mind lately, in that I don't have much good news to report, but the last post was such a downer that I didn't want to turn into the LJ version of Moaning Myrtle. And then I tell myself that it's only going to bring other people down too for no reason, really, and that's not why you've friended me.

But here's the update anyway:

1) Mom's holding her own with all her illnesses. And she comes up with some really strange ones. I just went back to Detroit for a short visit (and to finish laying the basement flooring that I had to start a year ago, and wasn't that just a barrel of laughs?) This time she had some strange swelling in her shoulder that caused her great pain, but it's slowly healing.

2) The unnamed member of my family who was ill was my sister-in-law. During the first week of her treatment she developed a serious infection and unexpectedly died. My husband, her brother, had just gone to see her but by the time his plane arrived, she'd already slipped into a coma. The next day she was gone. She had never married or had children, so the siblings are her survivors. And she had not even whispered to her mother or two of her brothers that she was ill, so he had to immediately fly to Detroit to tell her everything. Lesson to all: don't keep secrets like this; it never turns out well. And now my mother-in-law is in the hospital and it could be serious too.

3) The London trip for hubby and me turned into a Washington DC trip for him, for the displaced meeting and for cleaning out his sister's condo.

4) My daughter has a new guy in her life with lots of new baggage of his own. And there's nothing we can do about any of her choices except try to give neutral advice.

5) A new one! I'm working at my old place of work on a one-year renewable appointment. Or at least it would be renewable if the stupid admin gal would have properly submitted the paperwork to the right person, had bothered to answer her email, and hadn't royally fucked it up. I learned last week that I might be abruptly terminated. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, my papers were rushed to the top managers and were signed just before the deadline passed. Or so I thought. Yesterday about an hour before I was going to leave work, my boss rushed to find me to tell me that no, they hadn't been signed yet, so I couldn't keep working and had to go home. This morning I again was sent home. So I'm just banging around the house doing unpleasant chores and trying not to indulge in comfort snacking (or drinking). Oddly enough, the job I'm doing for them now is really different from what I used to do, suits me to a T, and has also become mission critical in the past 3 months. So I really want to be there, they really want me to be there, and I'm in mourning that I can't be there. Who'd have thought.

Gah! Rereading this is grim going, and I'm tired of hearing myself whine. But I do owe you an update every now and again.
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I just wanted to pop by and thank everyone for the comments, the dragons and crystal hearts, and support you've been sending me (whether it's written down or simply thought and felt). It really does help. Today the sun's shining, I'm catching up on laundry, and I've had no bad news for days!
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As seen on TV other people's journals:

Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"Amazing...I never thought we'd draw so many people!"
(from Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo, vol. 6)



Dec. 27th, 2011 05:34 pm
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This is not the co-ordinated post of more normal times, yo.

1) I sent my mother back home on the airplane today and saw [ profile] venivincere's twin at the airport. My mother's come to our house for the past 21 Christmases, and I don't think my children will ever really get over that. I used to love Christmas; it was my most favorite time of the year. Now I dread Christmas. Enough said. Well, except that the subject line may strongly relate to item #1.

2) Who the fuck worked up the song choices for Susan Boyle's second album? Did anyone really think that her breathy and child-like cover of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence was a good idea? Or Mad World in any incarnation? Good God. I snagged it in order to give it to my mother but it sucked like a Hoover, so I didn't bother.

3) Every LJ-stupidity or so, some of you decamp to friendlier territory. I suppose I should say somewhere that I probably won't be doing that because I follow more than HP fandom here. Both terrific music blogs that I follow as well as specific manga sites that I adore are anchored here on LJ, plus I've got a permanent account, so there's that. I'll add you to Dreamwidth where I try to follow if you mention it, though, but I don't post there. Shit, I barely post here. Hey, sounds like a New Year's Resolution, yanno?

4) Is it a true drunkpost if a) I run out of drink and 2) I correct my typos?
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I think I've mentioned that I am a rehired annuitant at my former place of employment. I've been researching terminology of what I do there now, as opposed to the science I used to do, and have come up with: organizational professional, archival appraisal, space facilitator... At any rate, today I was in charge of a couple of contract movers, trotting them around and basically making them move stuff from point A to point B.

Now, I've worked at this place for 32 years, and I can count the number of times I lost my temper with a co-worker on one hand. And today, in the midst of all the stress of conducting this moving symphony, I had an Argument Redux with a woman who 1) thinks of things in the world around her only in terms of how it might inconvenience her and 2) has a sense of entitlement that would bridge the gap between Mars and the next galaxy over.

One of my aforementioned temper-times occurred with her about 3 months ago over how frigging far she might have to walk to the new location of the microwave and refrigerator, which I was in charge of relocating.

Today, in the midst of relocating said refrig and 'wave, she confronted me in the hall once more about the nuances of the move. Seeing that I had given her ample time to work out a solution to her particular issue and she had not, I admit my sympathy to her plight was at an all-time low. And seeing that her entire conversation was heavily overlain by that previously-mentioned sense of entitlement, I admit I didn't particularly give a shit whether or not she ever was able to access any of these things. As they say, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

So inevitably we ended up in a very terse conversation in a very public part of the building, where I could hear my voice breaking, sounding like I was about to cry, but in reality it was only that I was about to rip her a new one. Can I just say that when someone asks me a question and then walks away, refusing to listen to my answer, that's pretty infuriating!

So now I'm home and trying to erase my day.
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So, sort-of-theoretically, what is there to do for a week in London in January?


Nov. 28th, 2011 10:37 pm
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A brief pause in the Japan posts 'cuz I finally succumbed to the cold my husband brought back from our trip. I faithfully chomped down zinc and Airborne and danced back and forth with it for a whole week before caving with massive congestion last night. All I think I ended up doing is prolonging the whole damned thing.

The week before this one I had gum surgery. Joy! I'd been putting it off for obvious reasons. It does indeed suck, but seems like things might just work out, and at least it's over.

So now I'm listening to the sounds of Philly Soul. It's a guaranteed mood lifter. I remember, way back when, a post of AJ Hall's when she mentioned the Spinners, who from her context clearly weren't the Spinners of my youth. Here's a post from my other blog, Star Maker Machine (yeah, I'm still active there, anyway), of It's A Shame. Enjoy with me!
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Trying to keep up my posting momentum here. Seeing that today I had a plumber tracking down and fixing a leak in one of our bathroom pipes, I thought I'd go with the day's theme.

The wonders of Japanese plumbing )
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I've been out of the country on vacation. Not that you'd notice by my lack of posting, which remains chronically bad. Sorry, sorry! I didn't look for myself on the recent HP love meme because I somehow convinced myself that I'd turned in to one of those names that everyone sees and thinks, "Oh, yeah, whatever happened to…" So I was surprised when I found that there was actually a comment there addressed to me, and touched that the person said that even though I didn't write fic any more that they'd still like to read posts from me now and again. So for you, whoever you are, I'm trying to do better. This post's for you.

So where was I vacationing? Japan! It was one of my great trips of a lifetime. Mr Geoviki and I are the kind of travelers who try to cram in as much into one day as we can, so we did and saw a million things. I'll post about some of it (hopefully) in small bites.

I'll start with one small area of western Tokyo: Shinjuku Ni-choume, better known (at least to those of you who read yaoi) as Tokyo's gay district.

We spent a lot of time here but not for the reason you're thinking… )
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I didn't mean to go all radio silent on you and stop answering the nice comments earlier. Thank you for your concern! It's just that I have picked up vague illnesses from my short duration in the ER, primarily a sinus thing (probably from the oxygen and where have those hands been, eh, nurse?), and I never, never get actual sinus things with face pain and all. It wavered back and forth the whole week, not really getting worse but not getting any better either. Plus it took longer than I'd expected to shake off the morphine effects: dizziness and fatigue. I think I tried to accomplish too much.

In addition, now my mom is in the hospital back in Michigan. Her main problem really is that she's 86 and has been in poor health for years. She eats like a toddler: the same few foods over and over. For a while her doc has told her she's anemic, but she doesn't want to take any more pills, so she's ignored it. And when you ignore vitamin deficiencies, you'll be amazed to learn, they don't miraculously go away. Plus she's now got some other digestive issues, too. But probably the worst problem is that she's convinced herself she's got cancer because her sister died from it last year. We're supposed to go visit in 10 days to celebrate my mother-in-law's 90th b'day, but now Mom's strongly hinting I should drop everything and come take care of her if/when she gets out. So there's that hanging over my head.


Sep. 25th, 2011 08:24 pm
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I didn't have a definite list of things I wanted to do this weekend, but if I had such a list, rushing to the ER with kidney stones was definitely not on it. :( They are every bit as painful as I'd read about on the net. Kind-of-luckily, my husband and I had just gone through this drill with him about 3 months ago, so we knew not to waste time and exactly where to drive. The trip seemed waaaay longer than 20 minutes, I have to say. The stone passed sometime last night and now I just feel hungover from the meds and the barfing.

On a cheerier note, I meant to say earlier that even though I'm bad at posting here, I'm still going great guns on the music blog that I share: Star Maker Machine

Check us out, yo!

Oh, yeah, and I signed up to go to Lubricus next year, so fandom is not dead to me, even though I've become a bad, bad fan.

[ profile] incapricious can attest to my continued existence - she came to Denver for a wedding a few weeks ago and we had a nice, if short, meeting. I really appreciate that you took the time, sweetie, from your rushed weekend to visit me. She showed me her pictures of Japan in anticipation of my own trip coming up in a month, whee!

We're going to: Tokyo, Hakone, Takayama, Kanzawa, Kyoto, and Nara. I really, really want to see some live J-Rock while I'm there but am having a hard time locating info on any concerts.

Also, we will have our own tour guide in Tokyo for 8 hours on the first day. Any suggestions about which things would really benefit from a guide? I mean, we can figure out things like gardens ourselves, but some other places would probably benefit from some help. All advice welcome!
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The truth is, if old Major Dover hadn't dropped dead at Taunton races, Jim would never have come to Thursgood's at all.
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I love fandom but even more than that, I love my fandom friends!

I just spent a long weekend with 5 very wonderful women I would never have met if not for HP fandom. We decided that we needed to spend time together at the ocean (which one didn't matter), and so we flew/drove to Cape May, New Jersey, and had a great time. Although, NJ, how about turning down the humidity for us semi-arid-state visitors, 'k?

I'm a little late with my signal-boosting, but perhaps some of you haven't followed the latest media attention to fandom. It started with this Time article by the author Lev Grossman, who'd actually been gathering input from fans at [ profile] lg_interview. And, surprise of surprises, it was a great overview of fannish behavior, unlike the many, many point-and-mock attempts by past journalists looking to score a cheap shot by perpetuating myths and doing no real investigating.

Grossman then made the rounds of public radio to promote his article. There's this one, from NPR's Talk of the Nation , but especially this one from Colin McEnroe's show, which also features my clearly very articulate friends [ profile] bethbethbeth and [ profile] femmequixotic.

In other news of interest to us consumers of transformative works (aka fanfic, fanart and fanvids), the UK is revisiting their current copyright laws, described in this article. Most of it describes websites that host copies of music/movies/television shows, but the end of the article features another friend of mine who points out the loosening of what have always been ill-defined restrictions on fanfic. She's knowledgeable from both the legal and fannish viewpoints. Check it out!
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For those of you who got an email from "me" this morning, yes, my email account was hijacked by the Chinese. No, I am not actually selling Viagra. Sorry. I think I've stopped the problem.
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A nighttime lullaby for you:

OT: What is it about making plane reservations that turns me into a frozen zombie? I procrastinate and dither and can't decide on the best days, airlines, times, seats, or airports...I'm normally reasonably competent, but planning to fly places just unhinges me!

But whoooh, finally done.
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This video was a big surprise this morning, but a good one! I'm all weepy now. Mary (Walker) is my niece.


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