Oct. 10th, 2014

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I've been very weak about keeping up with HP fandom, although it's still very much active.  Some of you on my flist are doing a stellar job at upholding the faith, but others of you have moved in different directions, perhaps even offline.

Because of my own HP inactivity and nostalgia, though, I'm looking forward to this online reunion, which is happening between Nov. 1-16.  Check out the comm for more info: [livejournal.com profile] hp_reunion

And if that's not exciting enough, there are plans afoot for a small-scale live con in 2016 in Las Vegas: Leviosa.  And I plan to be there!


Oct. 10th, 2014 11:29 pm
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Rectober #1 (which presumes I'll cough up at least a #2) - Rectober aims to celebrate reccing, reading, enjoying, commenting, sharing and discussion about fic, art and other fanworks during the month of October.

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Ragnarr and the Trow Wife, by Avierra (23,000 words)

What should come here are its fandom and pairing, but I'm going to step out of the mold and not make a point of them. What this story does is take its two characters so far out of their setting and into AU that you don't need to know anything at all about the fandom or the characters. In fact, even if you know the fandom well, you might never realize this story belongs there. In short, everyone can read and enjoy it fully. It really is brilliant. I will mention that it's m/m and rated mature.

The story unfolds as a well-crafted fairy tale set in an undisclosed Nordic village. Ragnarr sets off to track down a Trow Wife and compel her to lift her curse on his brother's land, and a clever battle of wills follows. The writing is rich, vivid, and well-researched, and the characters are multi-dimensional and engaging. I've reread it 6 or 7 times already, and I just found it a couple of months ago. It just hits every one of my buttons, that's all I can say. I hope I can get you to read it, too.

[Okay, the fandom is Saiyuki; the pairing Gojyo/Hakkai; trust me, you won't even know.]

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